Natural Disaster Impact

Changing climatic conditions across the United States have created a demand for structures to become disaster proof.  As a result of high performance materials and technology, these structures can be massed produced and made possible through prefabrication and modular designs.  These spaces will allow individuals and families to protect important items, as well as themselves when little warning of danger is given.


Today, American families face many threats to their safety and security.  These threats include hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, tornadoes, and violent crimes.  eHOME is intended to protect individuals and families from these threats.  Within the US, hurricanes alone cause over ten billion dollars’ worth of property damage annually2

Currently, over 308 million people live in the United States3. As a result, over 75 million people are home owners and 38 million are home renters.   These numbers create a wide market audience that is looking to protect their property investment, as well as themselves.  With the current rise in natural disasters across the country, the demand for a safe house is constantly growing.  The image below shows the large population concentrations which are currently vulnerable to natural disasters across the country including hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and earthquakes.  The map below shows areas where threats are highest.  Currently, over 45 million people in over 16 million homes reside in hurricane-prone areas with these populations still growing along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts.4  In addition, millions of more people across the entire country are living in tornado, wildfire, and earthquake prone areas.

The eHOME proposal creates a solution to the damages caused by these disasters that can be quickly deployed and constructed on any site.